Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anytime Fitness Workout

Yesterday I did end up testing out Anytime Fitness with my dad who is a member. First impressions: it was tiny and (mostly) had every machine I felt inspired to use!

It is quite a humble little place in a small strip plaza of other local businesses. 
As you may be able to tell, my workout was a lil bit of everything. I didn't really focus on any set of muscles and am definitely glad I got to learn so many new machines :p

I am totally feeling the workout today, especially in my hamstrings and upper abdominal. I guess with my at-home workouts I was not able to access those muscles as much as a could with the machines!

Biggest regret of yesterday though? I did so much strength training and I kinda skimped on taking any protein afterwards! I feel like if I did I wouldn't be so sore today, but its probably all in my head (: