Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to School Thoughts (:

Island in Maine from summer vacation
 It is that time of the year: the nights are a bit more chilly and the days are getting shorter. Suddenly, pumpkin spice is back and fresh apples line the outside edges of farmer's markets.

Summer is over and it is time for back to school! It is time for me to trade in the beautiful summer days for my school campus. 

The field next to our home

My lovely school campus
 For me, back to school means a lot of positive changes in my life along with anxiety. I love my friends at school and finally found my niche of people that finally make me happy. But I will also miss the comfort of family that I get to have at home. 

This is a list of my goals and ambitions to have this semester of Fall 2015. 
  1. Beat last semester's GPA of 3.62
  2. Rush and join Tri-Sig Greek life
  3. Become a more active member of the Big Sister's Mentor Club
  4. Join the Accounting Club
  5. Have a lot of fun (: (It is always worth it to me to cram in work all week to have a blast on the weekend)
  6. Be able to do 20 push-ups by working out in the gym 
  7. Be confident in myself and slow down my speech
  8. Don't lose my phone (big struggle last semester -_-)
  9.  Eat healthy but don't limit myself or feel deprived
  10. Be my best self
 I have always felt like my best self at school. Suddenly at school all I want is to make people happy and I thrive on the great friendships I build. At home it is hard for this to shine through because home's comfort always makes me feel less inclined to try new things and put my best foot forward. At home I can easily go through the motions of the day and not develop my character or learn new things, but at school I give people first impressions everyday and learn new lessons each hour. This is the life I thrive on. I love life when I have to get dressed up and walk a quarter mile to the cafeteria with my best friends just to get breakfast before class! 

Anyways, you get the point. I love the fall and changes that come with it. Of course I am nervous, but any change is good change because life starts at the end of the comfort zone.