Thursday, August 13, 2015

Joy of Hiking

 Just a post dedicated to hiking last week! I currently have family from Texas visiting us up North and we decided to all go hiking in New Hampshire. I was extremely excited to hike because who wouldn't be excited for their first hiking trip of the summer?

 (Please ignore the fact that the first time I hiked this summer was in August -_-) Temple Mountain in New Hampshire is a great adventure for any beginners out there, or someone who wants a more relaxed environment to hike.
 Here I am enjoying the sight at the first summit. Below is my sister.

Hiking has so many benefits. The first benefit is that it doesn't really feel like exercise. When hiking, you can't stare down at the ticking seconds and calories burned like on a stairmaster...but rather you can look at the view and reflect on how far you've come. Also, hiking has obvious cardio benefits like cardiovascular health and toning, along with helping to develop the back hamstrings and glutes. Not the mention, hiking gets ya some vitamin D. And sunshine heals everything, let me tell you!