Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Motivation Monday: Get Motivated!

  I find that it takes a few 'off-days' to revamp my motivation to make something great of myself. After all, isn't it after a few too many 'cheat' days that we can finally say we are excited to eat healthy again?  I personally feel like for the last month I have been extremely disciplined and happy with the way I have been exercising and eating, but just the last three days I sorta fell off the wagon. Cravings for more calorie-dense food have increased since I have started strength training, and I feel like my intuitive eating took a dive out the window! But after these last three days I feel extremely motivated and ready to take my health back into my hands and try to incorporate more healthy proteins and fats into my diet to feel more satisfied.

Another way I try to increase my motivation is to make a game plan for the next day ahead. Tomorrow is the start of me fueling myself properly to have energy again but also feel good about myself. By making goals for tomorrow I know I will start my new leaf with pep in my step and a great stride. Making goals will also hold myself accountable. Here are a few goals I have for myself...

  • Finally go tour my local gym and initiate the 7 day free trial. I move into college in less than two weeks so I want to start the week long trial now. 
  • At the gym I want to warm up with a mile long run and then move onto abdominal and back workouts. I would be more specific but I don't know what machines they have at the gym.
  • Eat three meals that are substantial enough so that I don't have to snack. (Guilty.)
  • Start packing my school organization supplies for move in day!