Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Makeup for Active Days

Applying makeup at the beginning of an active day is always something I struggle with. Because even though I might just be busy running errands and throw in a quick workout, it feels wrong to get all glammed up! Finding the happy medium between a ton of makeup and looking like I rolled out of bed is something I feel like I have slowly come to terms with.
And when I say slow... I mean it. I have definitely ended up doing unplanned runs with a cat eye xD haha!

These are my makeup essentials for busy days (both a mix of high end and low end):
  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush: Ah-mazing brush. I use always use this to apply blush/bronzer and sometimes my foundation. It has the perfect density to apply pigmented products and can make cheap products look so much better.
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation: A bit expensive but it stays put all day and has SPF. It also does not turn orange on me in natural lighting (:
  • Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Balm: Nice and neutral color that gives a good pop on my super fair skin.
  • Wet and Wild Megalength Mascara: I officially will never spend more than five bucks on mascara. This stuff just works. The bristles make each lash stand on its own and it prevents any major clumping that would take away from the length. Another great thing about it? You can find Wet and Wild products anywhere from Target to Walmart to CVS. I even tried this out with a high-end mascara wand from Lancome and it still worked like a charm.
  • Elf Bronzer Blush duo: This product is maybe a 7/10. On me it works because I can have a heavy hand and it doesn't build up too look like mud-face! Also, blush is always a pretty pick-me-up for a busy day.

Well, makeup is done and I am ready for a busy day! Hence, maybe I should make that lamp stand up straight first...

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