Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Phoneless Runs

For today's focal exercise, all I needed were these shoes. Nothing else. Not even my phone.
I used to heavily rely on my phone during runs for the feeling of safety it provides and the ability to track the time but now I realize without my phone my runs are just as good.

 When I run without my phone I can focus more on my thoughts and less on the music. There is no chance I will start walking with the excuse to change the song or reply to the text I got. Less distractions = much better workout! The first time I ran without my phone I felt like something was missing at first, but then I realized when I came home that I shaved minutes off my typical time for that route. My thoughts? Totally worth keeping my phone at home (:

I ran a 1.5 mile loop around my town, I didn't have to stop and walk! I lost a lot of stamina over school time because I didn't have time to workout consistently, but I feel like just my previous week of working out and strength training  has made a huge difference in my cardio abilities. Pretty exciting huh?

And without my phone means I can finish my run and instead of plugging my credits into the MapMyRun app I can go over and visit our horses.

These two ladies could easily catch on to my elated mood due to the great run I had!

Will I run with my phone again? Probably. It is extra safety and if I ever take a longer loop I want to know I can contact someone. But I officially am over needing music to exercise. It is so much funner to be in tune with my workout and thoughts than trying to connect to service to play some jams :p

Do you run with your phone?
If so, do you hold it in your hand or tuck it in to a runner's belt etc?